One of the things that can make an urban area beautiful is the differently designed buildings that surround the city. This can also be seen on suburban areas that has structured houses and low rise apartments. However, to make that infrastructure more pleasing and functional, an outdoor space that is well designed and is constructed well can add up to the aesthetic and functional charm of that building. Car parks with shade sails, outdoor play grounds, basketball courts or tennis courts are an added touch that brings life and leisure to these places.

In Sydney, there is one company that can bring life and leisure in outdoor spaces happen. And that is Brookstone.

Brookstone is a construction company that works mostly with basketball courts, playgrounds, schools and occasionally shopping Centre car parks; The Company also makes Shade Sails. Our company has been in business for 25 years and is owned by the Brook family; Marcus Brook is the original owner and his son Gary Brook now helps with the business.

Some of the special projects that have been made by Brookstone are Playground Construction, Car park construction, Basketball Court Construction, Shade Sails Sydney Designs. These projects and more have been done for at least 25 years. The people and clients who have given us their full trust can be a testament on how we have given our best in each and every project. The joy that we gain from finishing such projects is also one of the reasons why we still continue with our work. We want to bring happiness to the spaces that we create.

Here is a short description of some of the projects that we specialize in:

Playground ConstructionPlayground Construction
Playground construction needs a lot of things to consider. The pavement wherein the children will be playing should be smooth and not rough. Specially made synthetic grass or outdoor cushion can be added to the area. Sand is also a wonderful element to bring into space. The equipment, like the monkey bar, swing, see-saw, slide and the like should have basic specifications that are safe and strong.

Car park Construction
Car park construction is one of the specialties that we also do. Pavements design and the number of cars that needs to be parked in the area are one of the things that we consider.
Basketball Court Construction
Another specialty that we do for outdoor spaces is basketball courts. The basketball court that we do uses a special technique that makes and even basketball court surface.

Shade Sails Sydney
Shade Sail designs can vary depending on the need of the client. However, we at Brookstone can assure you that we use the best construction materials and the best designs that can suit your outdoor space needs. To ensure this we partner up with the industry experts, Greenline to make sure that when it comes to Shade Sails Sydney we are delivering the best quality service.
At Brookstone, we make sure that we can provide the best outdoor area for you, your family and the community. Please do give us a call, visit us or email us so that we can talk and collaborate with you in bringing and creating the best spaces outdoors.